Stations coverWAY OF THE CROSS - With reflections on each station written by Blessed Miriam Teresa, at the request of a friend.  For more information click here.

The Twenty-six Spiritual Conferences of Sister Miriam Teresa

Through the writing of the 26 spiritual conferences, under obedience to her spiritual director and with the permission of the Reverend Mother, Sister Miriam Teresa became the instrument of imparting to both religious and laity her conviction that deep prayer, contemplation, and union with God are not incompatible with an active daily life.

greater perfection book covAppearing in book form as Greater Perfection after her death, the conferences have been widely circulated throughout the world and acknowledged as a source of great spiritual benefits to tens of thousands of readers.

Her message is timeless, fortified as it is with citings from Holy Scripture by a young woman without formal theological education. To many, then, the conferences have been a treasure of grace.

In the final section of Greater Perfection, Sister Miriam Teresa wrote:

Union with God, then, is the spiritual height God calls everyone to achieve – any one, not only religious but any one, who chooses, who wills to seek this pearl of great price, who specializes in the traffic of eternal good, who says 'yes' constantly to God…The imitation of Christ in the lives of saints is always possible and compatible with every state of life. The saints did but one thing – the will of God. But they did it with all their might. We have only to do the same thing; and according to the degree of intensity with which we labor shall our sanctification progress. (Greater Perfection, pp. 264-266)


Greater Perfection: Conferences
by Sister Miriam Teresa   (paperback $15.00)

Greater Perfection - Mayor Perfección (spanish translation)   ($15.00)
A Daily Thought from Sister Miriam Teresa
compiled by Sister Mary Gertrude, SC   ($2.00)
A Blueprint for Holiness – Selections from the writings of Sister Miriam Teresa   ($0.50)

Sister Miriam Teresa
by Sister Mary Zita Geis   ($15.00)
An American Teresa
by Margaret Conklin   ($3.50)
Sister Miriam Teresa
by Elizabeth Harris   ($1.00)
Sister Miriam Teresa – Faithful in a Little
by Stefan Blasko   (paperback $5.00)
                           (hardcover $10.00 - limited supply)


Sepia - 9 ½ ” x 12”   ($1.00)
Charcoal – 7” x 9”   ($2.00)


smt2   SMT charcoal


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