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May 4, 2023


ISSUE: Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act 

In accord with our Congregation focus on people experiencing homelessness, please advocate for the passage on an expansion of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit. This spring, a bipartisan group of Senate Finance Committee members are planning to reintroduce tax legislation that would help spur community development and further incentivize builders to be inclusive of low income housing. This proposed expansion of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), a longstanding public-private partnership program, has increasingly become an urgent bipartisan priority as housing supply reaches critical lows in every congressional district in the United states.


ACTION: Use this link to contact your legislators:


PRAYER: Loving God, you fashioned a world of beauty and abundance as a home for all your creatures. We grieve that selfishness and injustice have robbed so many of your children of adequate housing. We lament that human greed has also deprived other creatures of habitats where they too can flourish. Move our hearts with charity to meet the urgent needs of those who are deprived of shelter, nourishment, health care, and the warmth of human community. Fire our voices to advocate for justice; for a change in structures that perpetuate homelessness and inequality. May all your beloved creation find the same welcome in this world that they find in your loving and bountiful heart.


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