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We, the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, with deep faith and trust in Divine Providence, seek healing for our world through the transforming love of God. Impelled by Boundless Charity, we strive to collaborate with others to promote right relationships and the common good of all people and creation. Energized by the fire of Charity, we, as bearers of hope, accompany people in need while advocating for systemic change.


We commit ourselves to the conversion and transformation necessary to make God’s love known in the world. As a Congregation we challenge ourselves to sustain the mission by: 


  • Acting with conscious awareness of our interdependence with one another and all creation.

  • Practicing consistent advocacy for human rights, right relationships, peace and nonviolence.

  • Embracing a simple lifestyle and a responsible stewardship of our resources.

  • Engaging current and future generations in the charism and energy of Charity.


2019 General Assembly 
June 30, 2019


Founders Day September 29, 2023.png

Foundation Day

On September 29, 2023, the Sisters of Charity

of Saint Elizabeth will be celebrating

164 years as a Congregation.

Please use this Prayer Service to praise and thank God for the Sisters of Charity and all the Sisters and Seton Associates, both living and deceased who have given their life in service to the People of God.


Thank you to Seton Associates Rosemary Carroll and Evlynn Jarzabek for preparing this Prayer Service.

Engaging Aging Newsletter

Engaging Aging, the monthly newsletter of the National Religious Retirement Office has as its lead article “Meeting Our Graced Future Together:  A Joint General Assembly” by Donna Dodge, SC and Maureen Shaughnessy, SC    Please click here to read.

St. Joseph's Health, Paterson, NJ
Rededication of the Church Street Marker

Sister Pat Mennor, SC, VP of Mission at St. Joseph's Health,answers the question, "Why is the Church Street Marker being rededicated?"

An American Little Flower Cover.jpg

Sister Noreen Neary, SC, Archivist, shares the story of the founding of St. Joseph's Hospital 

For information about our upcoming Harvest Festival, ticket information, raffle ticket purchases, and sponsorship opportunities, click here.

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